Baptism (2)

As I’m sure you can imagine, I was a nervous wreck on Sunday morning. I just couldn’t see how on earth I was going to do this.

I got to church and prayed with some folk. It seemed far more manageable when I realised God was as in control as ever.

We made it through the first part of the service (which included singing/dancing to “Shackles” by MaryMary by the way!) and then they took the lid off the baptistry.

The water was BOILING.

Not just pleasantly warm but actually bubbling and steaming it was so scalding hot.

Tension released, pressure off (now if I go wrong it won’t look so daft).

Chris shared some of his story and the importance of baptism.

Then it was time.

The whole testimony bit is quite a blur. I remember lots of faces and saying lots of things and realising that what I was saying was actually making sense, though I didn’t entirely feel responsible for that.

And then . . .

I’ll get back to you with reflections later . . .


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