Chi, Chi, Chi! Le, Le, Le!

So maybe if you’ve been living in a hole this week you won’t have heard about the rescue of 33 Chilean (well, 32 and a Bolivian) miners who had spent 69 days down in the darkness of the San Jose Mine.

On Wednesday, over the course of 22 hours each and every one of them returned to the surface.

The world’s media was there to see it and the whole thing could be watched lived.

I think I saw all except the first 4 and numbers 18-23. Other than that, I was glued to the screen of my laptop. Right to the end at 2am.

I was completely transfixed. I couldn’t stop watching. It was incredible.

These men were essentially returning from the dead. Every time one of them stepped out from the capsule it was a miracle.

I’d love it to be one of those things the next generation asks about, “Do you remember the miners? Did you watch them? Where were you when it happened?” It feels like a big enough of a deal for that to me but the reality is, happy endings don’t stay in people’s minds for long.

But I think this was more than just a happy ending! The whole world was watching this and willing it to succeed: for once it felt like humanity was united instead of tearing itself apart. Sure it was our fault they were stuck down there in the first place, but we went back for our own.

Maybe you think I’m being overly melodramatic . . . Maybe I am. But I loved every second of that footage because it was more than some guys coming up out of a big hole; it was humanity at its best.

Chi, Chi, Chi! Le, Le, Le! Los Mineros de Chile!


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