The Big Silence (2)

So, after watching The Big Silence, I decided to build some silence-ness into my everyday life.

Twenty minutes a day sounded a little pathetic but enough to be getting on with. I’d take myself off the New College sanctuary on the days I was there, or just sitting on my bed when I wasn’t, and just sit.

No music. No Bible. No thinking. No praying.

It’s really tricky.

Granted, by the end of the week twenty minutes didn’t seem so long but not thinking of anything is just so hard. I haven’t realised before just how full of junk my thoughts and life are. Stopping and doing “nothing” is near impossible when there appears to be so much to do. Whether I’m thinking about work, or what to cook for dinner, or singing that song that I only know two lines from but can’t get out of my head – there’s always something there to distract me from the nothingness. And then I start thinking about thinking about  nothing and focussing on that fills my thoughts instead. I think this is going to take some practice.

Yet, every time I come away from my twenty minutes, I feel more peaceful. More joyful. Like I have a little more perspective on life. I haven’t been hearing any voices yet, but I do think that God does something in my heart every time I intentionally just sit with Him.

Have you tried “the silence” yet? How’s that going for you?


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