It’s Cold

I hope you’re impressed that I haven’t complained about the snow yet.

There is a crazy amount of it but it hasn’t bothered me too much. One of the  joys of living in the city centre is that everything is still walkable. It’s been quite entertaining watching all my non-scottish friends marvelling at it – they’ve never seen snow this deep before! Unlike most of them, I was thoroughly prepared for it and can cope reasonably well – it just takes me twenty minutes to put on half my wardrobe before I can leave the house.

What I do not approve of however is this:


On the INSIDE of my window.

So. Not. Cool.

(Well, too cool actually, but you know what I mean)

And as pretty a pattern as it may make, it means it’s SUPER cold, INSIDE.Where I am!! (It was -12C in Edinburgh last night)

All blankets, hot water bottles, extra socks, hoodies and fleecy pyjamas have been conscripted to battle against this and for the moment we are winning. I’ll let you know how our defences hold up.


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