God on Campus

I have managed to read a whole one non-uni book this semester.

(Oops. Nope. Wait. I read Harry Potter 7 when I went home for the weekend)

Okay, so I’ve read, beginning to end, two non-uni books in the past 3 months. Solid.

The non-Harry-Potter, non-uni, non-fiction book which I read is called God on Campus.


Great read.

Trent heads up this thing in the States called Campus America. A part of 24-7 Prayer, they are all about getting University Campuses across the USA to pray. I’m presuming you can see why I bought it?

The book is so clever. Trent re-tells the stories of historical academic institutions and international student mission movements and how each was completely transformed or originally started by a small but committed and passionate prayer meeting. To read story after story of how the prayers of a handful of people were heard by God, who used them in revivals that spanned the globe is inspiring and challenging.

And it never took massive organisation or even formality. It certainly wasn’t in the hands of church leadership. These were ordinary folks who simply wanted to seek God’s will for their lives, campus and country. People who have been used by God to literally change the world often come out of these little meetings of prayer.

It’s easy to read and to dip in and out of. There are application questions at the end of each chapter too. If you want a read, email/comment me and I’ll give/post you my copy. ‘Cause it’s nice to share.


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