FB Advent

Christmas Story Facebook style: (Click picture for close up)


HT: Tom


4 thoughts on “FB Advent

  1. Nooooooo – look at all the non-biblical, inaccurate, pseudo-historical, mythological additions and alterations to the birth narratives of the bible!!! Three kings, indeed! Yes, its time for my annual Christmas rant.

    Having said that, it’s pretty cool.

  2. I just realised I missed out an apostrophe in my rant. And yesterday RUSS had to correct my spelling in a blog post. What’s happening to me?!
    Hope you’re enjoying being back in Aberdeen. See you in a few days!

    • shocked and appalled faye!
      you missed a cracking opportunity for ranting at the nativity service this morning – wise men and shepherds all over the place.
      can’t wait to see you soooon!!

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