Mince Pies

I love mince pies.

Warm with a little cream.

First mince pie signifies the start of the Christmas season.

But they get a little samey. So my dad and I got super excited by Jamie Oliver’s version which he made on his programme the other night. And our’s looked like this:

And they tasted just as good as they look!!

They’re super simple. Just roll out some pre-made puff pastry, thinly spread it with mince meat mixed with chopped dried cranberries, orange zest and a dash of brandy. Roll it up and chop into 24. Then, use a couple of  sheets of pre-made filo pastry basted with melted butter to cover 2 cupcake tins and place each little pin wheel mince pie in each cup cake hole. You can baste them with some beaten egg and sprinkle with flaked almonds if you’d like before sticking them in the oven @ 200C or gas mark 6 for 30 minutes.

They’ll come out like this:

Once they’ve cooled you just turn them out of the tray and crack the filo pastry to get your individual pies! Sprinkle with a little icing sugar and you are good to serve.


Merry Christmas!!


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