Christmas 2010

(Photo: A nativity scene beautifully crafted by my good friend Amy)

Christmas was a more quiet affair than usual in the Harrison household this year with only five of us as my grandparents and aunt didn’t make it up from St.Andrews. It was all very lovely though.

The carol service on Christmas eve was really lovely, though sitting between Dave and Pamela possibly wasn’t the best idea – we just end up laughing through most of it! Afterwards we watched the Muppet’s Christmas Carol as a family which never fails to be hilarious and endearing.

We got up at a very leisurely 9am on Christmas day and had breakfast before sitting down to presents, which I swear takes less time every year. I was particularly pleased with a pair of socks I received, knit by mum and they are beautiful!! We headed off to church after presents where I showed off these socks before the congregation alongside the children’s gifts and our minister’s infamous practical gift from his mother-in-law – a stanley knife – which I’m not sure could beat my veg peeler!

Lunch was wonderful as always and the sticky toffee pudding I made also went down a treat. We even played some family games. You know the one where someone is given a tune to hum and everyone else has to guess it – it went down very well with much hilarity.

Then it was time for the Queen’s speech, which, if I’m being honest, I was a little unimpressed with – all that chat about sport but what is she going to say in olympic year now? Seems to me she’s used all her relevant material already!

Strictly Come Dancing  and Doctor Who Christmas specials provided our evening entertainment and I managed to finish the scarf I had been knitting. There’s a cracking picture that my dad took somewhere of myself, my mum and my granny all sitting knitting on the sofa – I’ll have a hunt and post it at some point.

We’re still eating turkey and have enough mince pies to last months!

I hope you were blessed with as wonderful a Christmas.


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