From Head to Foot

My bloggy friend Annie wrote and published a book: From Head to Foot.

As the subtitle says, it’s about “All of you living for all of Him” and Annie considers how we use various body parts to glorify and serve God.

The reading is easy, the subject is not. Annie gets straight to the heart of issues that I think many young women face as they attempt to live out their faith. However, Annie’s personal examples, conversational style and use of biblical examples encourages you to not only read through and brush over these issues but pause to think and apply.

You should buy the book, primarily because it’s brilliant and secondly because Annie self-published. You’ll note the sentence on the “self-publishing” wikipedia page that says “It is generally done entirely at the expense of the author”. Yup. You read it right. God gave Annie a dream, she wrote it down and then took a huge risk in getting it into our hands. This makes her one of my heroes. And makes me think, maybe, one day, I’ll do something similar.

So, buy her book or, ask me for my copy (which is signed by the way . . . just putting that out there . . . )


One thought on “From Head to Foot

  1. Please may I have a copy Rachy? Looks like it’d be great for doing with the girlies at dance when it starts up! (And also for personal reading too)

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