The King’s Speech

We went to see this yesterday at the Filmhouse, which , by the way, is the most lovely (and cheap) little cinema ever. Independent with only 3 screens and showing mainly lesser known stuff it’s well worth a trip at some point. Our cinema even had a proper curtain that opened to reveal the screen at the beginning of the film!

But anyway, the movie.

I liked it.

It was simple but captivating. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are AMAZING. You’d could be forgiven for thinking Firth actually has a stammer, he portrays it so convincingly. I also really like the style in which it was shot and it’s use of music. It perhaps lacked storyline a little but then, how much is there to say about a Prince who had a stammer and gets therapy to improve but not cure him. And, let’s face it, we all know the ending anyway!

The build up to the speech is done very well and after watching George/Bertie go on the journey to be able to deliver it, you do feel the weight of his achievement. Personally, I would have liked a little more insight into how he coped in his duties and less bickering with his speech therapist, but that was mildly entertaining too.

So, basically, I’d recommend it.

Especially the Friday matinee at the Filmhouse where it’s only £2.60 for students!


One thought on “The King’s Speech

  1. I liked the King’s Speech too.

    I also love the Filmhouse. Especially on Christmas Eve when they show It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, or something equally old and Christmassy, and WITH AN INTERVAL!!!
    Bring back intervals! It means you can ask what’s going on if you get confused!!!!

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