SF: Preparations Underway

It’s been a super busy week for San Francisco prep!

You may remember the list – well, we’re fair getting through it!!

At the start of the week my acceptance packet from YWAM arrived, giving me a much clearer idea of exactly what I’ll be doing when I’m out there: everything from prayer walking to sharing lunch with the homeless, soup kitchen stuff to sending the youth out to live homeless for a day. It all looks fantastic and I can already see where I’m going to be completely out of my comfort zone, but that’s half the fun right? I also have more of an idea about accommodation, meals, hours etc. which makes control-freaky-rach a little happier.

We decided last week that I don’t need a visa because I’ll be in the country less than 90 days. I may just have to be a little careful at immigration but they are all lovely, helpful, understanding . . . Yeh, prayers appreciated for border control!

I also went to get my first of three Hepatitis B vaccinations last week so that is underway and I should be all immune before I leave.

On Wednesday I bought me some travel insurance. Up to £5million for medical expenses, £1000 for my luggage and £25 a day if I get taken hostage, with £250 for counselling if I get out alive! Bargain!

And then yesterday I booked flights. No going back now. BA had better not strike. (Prayers for 11hours on a plane also requested – I might love flying but not small enclosed spaces or jet lag, it didn’t end well last time!)

There’s also been some ground made on the finances front. After retrieving my online banking number I was able to access my account to see how much money I have – it’s not looking too bad. I’ve discovered a couple of grants I can apply for and one of my most particularly amazing friends has started organising a fundraiser! Without me asking or anything, she’s just gone ahead and done it = wowzers.

So really, the only things left to do are getting some money, figuring out how I’ll access it in SF, looking into phones a little more and buying some new shoes. Oh, and praying. Lots and lots of praying.

That. Is. All.

But it makes it all very real and very scary.

I go from being ecstatically excited one moment to almost having a panic attack the next. It’s making life interesting to say the least.

But God is good. Bigger and better than it all. He’s made all this happen in a week and will make everything happen in the next few months too.



2 thoughts on “SF: Preparations Underway

  1. 11 hours of flights??? Wimp! Try 30 hours!!!

    Seriously, though, I’ve done a flight like this 8 times in the past 3 years, so if you need advice just ask!

    P.S. I have an American plug adapter if you need?

    • did you not read about the claustraphobia or jet lag issues?!
      and you weren’t on the plane for 30hours straight were you?

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