Lent (1)

A group of us who meet for prayer every Tuesday morning at New College are contributing daily to a kind of prayer blog on Facebook. This was my contribution on Monday:

I really like the simplicity of this video. I would let it speak for itself, and would recommend watching it before reading my thoughts, but there are just a couple of things I wanted to mention which stand out for me as I watch it.

I like the humanity of Jesus in these pictures.
I like the idea that he tries to amuse himself in the desert with things like kicking rocks and chasing chickens.
I like that he then starts to notice little things like flowers, birds, stones.
I like that we can see his pain and anguish as life in the desert becomes more and more trying.
I like that he seeks some kind of relief or refuge.
I like that he faces the devil and overcomes him with one shout.
I love that he’s back.

Jesus was in the desert on a journey and during lent we remember that. It’s not about a static state of asceticism but about journeying closer to God.

Which image do you most closely relate with at this moment in your journey?


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