The Adjustment Bureau – A Review


It’s hard for me to decide how much I enjoyed this film. It gave me so much to think about that I ended up taking notes all over the back of my hand and up my arm before my flatmate took pity on me and gave me a piece of paper. It’s possibly the first time I’ve ever seen anyone taking notes in the cinema! I’m going to try to keep this to a review of the film itself and then post thoughts on those hastily scribbled notes later.

So, The Adjustment Bureau.

I’m just going to be honest from the beginning and let you know that I love Matt Damon. It’s just that simple. So, I think he was great! I’m biased I know but what can you do, eh?

Emily Blunt pleasantly surprised me. The only thing I’ve really seen her in before is The Devil Wears Prada where she plays a bit of a bimbo and, though she played the character excellently, it’s sometimes hard to disassociate someone from such a strong role. However, I thought she was really quite excellent in this too: believable and engaging. And I thought her and Damon worked particularly well together. I was a tad disappointed that the dancing scenes weren’t actually her but I guess you can only be so talented right?

The story/principle is really fascinating: a man falls in love but the Adjustment Bureau says that this is not a part of “the Chairman’s” plan and try to adjust his life to ensure they don’t end up together. It’s brilliant but perhaps a little to blatantly conveyed at the beginning of the film. There’s no clues or figuring out, they just come right out and tell you which kind of ruins half the fun.

Like I said, it became a bit too much of an intellectual exercise for me to really enjoy. I reckon I need to see it another couple of times to really make up my mind but I’d definitely recommend it and I think there’s something for everyone in there.



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