One Day – A Review

With three essays handed in and only two weeks left of the semester my workload was looking pretty light and suddenly had free time again. I didn’t want to just fill it with watching ridiculous things on iPlayer but every book on my shelf was non-fiction and couldn’t face reading any more theology! So, with book tokens and gift card in hand, I went to Waterstones and bought three novels. Actual fictional, reading for the sheer joy, novels. The first was One Day.

I loved it.

I have been up until the small hours of every morning this week devouring it. I haven’t read 80 pages in an hour and half  of anything for months but this had me gripped from the beginning. I’ve brought it up in just about every conversation I’ve had this week (I know my friends are getting sick of it). Basically, YOU HAVE TO READ IT!

It’s about one life in the day of these two people, every day for 20 years. And it’s so cleverly written because even though you’re only really getting one day you know exactly how they got there from the day you just read about a year ago. (I’m not certain I’m explaining this very well).

The weirdest thing for me was that it starts in 1988 on the night of the graduation from Edinburgh University. Creepy! You essentially get to grow up with them and go through all their highs and lows. The characters captivate your heart from the beginning so that when they triumph you’re elated and when they do something stupid you feel like slapping them across the back of the head.

I loved his cultural references. Even I, born three years after the book starts could pick up on and relate to things. I think my favourite was “talk to the hand” – do you remember that?! Or the “Rachel” haircut. Good times.

It’s funny, heart breaking, easy to read and brilliant.

You’re gorgeous, you old hag and if I cold give you just one gift ever for the rest of your life it would be this. Confidence. It would be the gift of confidence. Either that or a scented candle.


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