SF2011: Update

Well, it’s three weeks today until the big adventure!

Do you remember the list we made way back in January? Almost completed now:

  • Phone consulate about visa – not required afterall because I’m there for less than 90days. Have applied for my ESTA entrance thing and have a letter from YWAM for immigration.
  • Get Hepatitis B vaccinations – all three, fully immune
  • Ask YWAM about specific dates/timetable – though still not entirely clear but I do know when I’ve to turn up at least.
  • Book flights – just praying BA don’t decide to strike
  • Make fundraising plan – didn’t have to in the end because I have amazing friends who organised a walk and then equally amazing friends who sponsored me lots!
  • Money whilst I’m out there – possibly opening new, no currency/foreign exchange account – mother’s ordered a credit card and I’ve ordered a pre-paid debit thingy. Just to exchange some cash and get a traveller’s cheque to give to YWAM
  • Phone whilst I’m out there – buy one there or get mine unlocked
  • Shoes – going to need a new pair of trainers – thanks mummy 🙂
  • How does one survive without weetabix, blackcurrant squash or real chocolate for 2.5 months? – it’s no longer important because I will continually be within reach of Sour Patch Kids!!
  • Health and Travel Insurance – covered but not for battle re-enactment or ostrich racing
So, just phone to figure out but will do that when I get there.
It doesn’t seem real that it is happening so soon. Feels like only yesterday I downloaded the application form on a bit of a whim. At the moment the only things I’m nervous about are the flight there (didn’t particularly enjoy my last long-haul experience) and then being away from home for 11 weeks, because I’m going to miss my mummy and daddy (and everyone else too, but mainly them). Meeting new people and doing the work and being tested and stretched in all kinds of crazy ways doesn’t bother me too much at the moment. And other than all that I’m excited. A real adventure!

One thought on “SF2011: Update

  1. They key thing to remember on international mission trips like this is that the God in San Francisco is the same God in Edinburgh!

    Remember that and you’ll be win!

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