The Arrogance of Reason

The silliness of any of us thinking we’re an expert on Him. Our only hope is repeating what He reveals He is like.

The tone that we use . . . we have to guard ourselves against heartlessness, we’re talking about real people here, we can’t just have these theological discussions about a doctrine. We can’t be careless and just argue for our point of view, neglecting all the other elements . . . we have to present the evidence and allow a decision to be made.

The arrogance of people to think their reasoning is above God’s, who put God’s actions in submission to their reasoning.
“I wouldn’t believe in a God who would . . . ” – do you ever even consider the possibility that the creator’s sense of justice [enter any issue/topic/character trait here] is actually more developed than yours? That you could be the one who is flawed?

Does it even enter your mind that maybe He knows something you don’t?

Discuss with humility. Confess. Pray, fast and study diligently.

Francis might be talking about hell but I think the kind of attitude which he is encouraging us to have is good in any discussion, of any issue.

Particularly in the Church of Scotland in the past two years, as I’ve listened to people and partaken in discussions about the nature of scripture and what it has to say to those in same-sex relationships, I’ve noticed a serious lack of grace in our language. A lack of humility and an insensibility.
And I hear that phrase, in fact, I’ve used that phrase, “I wouldn’t believe in a God who would . . .” But actually, the God we want to believe in is not the one revealed in Scripture. The God of the Bible is the one who can and will do whatever He wants because His wisdom is greater than ours.

Also, somehow I missed that Francis had moved to San Francisco. Off to pack my stalking gear . . .


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