SF2011: Journey/Arrival


I’m here!!

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the whole day, suffice to say its been a long one!

The fear had finally hit when I woke up (at 5.30am) this morning. Petrified doesn’t even cover it. I think I managed to hold it together though; it’s a little odd when you measure how much you’ve grown by whether or not you manage to keep your breakfast down when you’re anxious, but I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I did.

Mum cried at the airport. Need I say more?

I was sat in the departure lounge in Aberdeen, still freaking out a little, with my bible open in my hand, reading Philippians for a little inspiration, when a lady came and sat next to me. Turned out she was a Christian, who had seen my minister Louis speaking at the general assembly (and was singing his praises) and had studied theology with my friend Hector (and was singing his praises even more)! Such a freakily small world! The whole conversation totally put me at ease because it was like God saying, “Look, I’m right here. I’m all over this!”

Flight number two was your standard 11hour bored-fest. Was sat next to a lovely Italian man who lives in Switzerland though and it was nice to have someone to chat with. He asked about what I was doing in SF and getting to tell him about homelessness and a God who loves homeless people reminded me of why I’m doing all this.

You may not have heard that I’m spending my first two nights here with my flatmate’s family, who conveniently live just over the Golden Gate Bridge. The drive over here was a lot of fun. It’s sooo American! Just like you see in the movies: huge cars, massive highways, San Francisco hills and multi-coloured houses. Going over the bridge itself was so bizarre I couldn’t help but laugh (I’m pretty sure Antonia’s dad already thinks I’m weird) and then looking back over the bay towards the city – it’s just like all the photos I’ve seen and then some.

So, right now it’s all a little sleep deprived and surreal but wonderful too.





2 thoughts on “SF2011: Journey/Arrival

  1. Well done Vicky.
    You’re Mum used to make me, as well as her, shed a tear when she was getting on a plane too.

    I know the area you are talking about having flown over the bridge from Sanie airport often, no not in my dreams but in my twin otter flying boat. Flight 2000 has a lot to answer for. Did I ever tell you about the time I landed, in the dark, at Alcatraz and took off with several prisoners who were paying me lots of loot? Ah, but that’s another story, for another time.
    Just remember to say your prayers each night and you will get through whatever is ahead,
    Lots of love, your “Flying Dentist”,
    Papa XX

  2. Glad to hear you’ve got there safe and sound. Was thinking of you as I flew in my tiny plane from Belfast. Everyone in Ireland asking after you… I’ll send them your blog link. Looking forward to following your adventure.

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