SF2011: Walking the City

On Thursday we walked the length on San Francisco.

A route something like this but longer: Map.

Suffice to say, I’m still in pain!

It was wonderful to see so much of the city and to experience all its different characters. Each neighbourhood is so unique, they’re like their own little towns. And to see the contrast between them, even as you walk only one block. There is such diversity in this amazing city. We walked and we prayed: or communities, churches, individuals. For God to bring revival in a city that is only 2% Christian. If it was it’s own country, it would be considered unreached. They think they don’t need Him but they don’t realise He is already here.

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I love this city. The architecture. The atmosphere. The people. I fear that Barcelona’s position as favourite world city may be in danger.


2 thoughts on “SF2011: Walking the City

  1. Amazing to hear some of what you’re up to Rachael – some challenging and testing times, but obviously some wonderful ones too! Thinking of you, love Alison (Forsyth) xx

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