SF2011: Language

One of the first things to change when I got here was my language.

My accent changes a lot even between Aberdeen and Edinburgh but within only a couple of days here people were having trouble even identifying me as a foreigner! Maybe at some point I’ll do a wee video post and y’all can hear it for yourselves.

I’ve also changed the words that I use. This is partially because it is easier than having to explain yourself every time and because being mocked for the words you use gets a little tiring after a time.

So now I call sweets “candy” and the autumn “fall”. Jumpers are now “sweaters” and I got laughed at the other day for calling it sun cream rather than “sun screen”.

The one that I really can’t get past is calling trousers “pants”. It’s just wrong! We are not all wondering around in our under-wear!

I’ll continue to translate things for you on the blog, just so that you know what I’m actually talking about!


One thought on “SF2011: Language

  1. I wouldn’t worry about adopting the local lingo. I did the same in New Zealand, where sweets are “lollies” (don’t get me started on the falseness of this), swimming trunks are “togs”, flip-flops are “jandals”, and everything is “sweet as”.
    My accent also went a bit weird…

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