SF2011: Giants/Capture the Flag

Yesterday was quite a day.

The college age team who has been here on outreach all week (who I went to the fireworks with) had a couple of extra tickets for the baseball game and I was one of the very fortunate staff who was invited to join them (the fact that I made pancakes for them for breakfast earlier in the week having nothing to do with it). Going to a giants game was one of my things to do whilst here so I was super excited and although they lost 5-2 it was still great fun to go along and soak up the atmosphere. Once again, it was just like in the movies with people wandering through the crowds selling things, the national anthem, the chants and songs, making couples kiss for the big screen, sing-alongs, and a wee fight in our section just to add to the entertainment.

It took me a couple of innings to fully get the hang of it but really the basic scoring and principles of baseball are pretty straight forward. It’s not the most fast paced of games however, but this is why there’s so much entertainment around the match and it makes it more of a social event than an intense sporting one.

The game finished at 10pm but the night wasn’t over yet. At midnight we set off again for the financial district for a game of Capture the Flag. There were 16 of us, a mixture of staff and outreach students, and it was a lot of fun. Running around the couple of blocks which we set out as the territory for the game in the small hours of the morning awoke something of a rebellious spirit in all of us I think. We got a lot of odd looks from security guards but managed to stay out of trouble. I had never played before but it’s a pretty easy concept. I was let down by my inability to run for more than a half a block without dying but I stood guard at my post with earnest and would shout as loud as possible to scare off the opposition if necessary.

There was one stupid moment where I went to tag someone so we could hold them in our jail but I managed to catch my foot on the curb and go flying into the sidewalk. I got my hand out in time so save my head and face but have now seriously pulled the muscles in my wrist and right up my arm to my shoulder. My hand and wrist were a little swollen and there are beautiful bruises, not only on my arm but also, on my knee and hip where I hit the ground. It made the guy I was trying to catch stop dead though so one of my teammates was able to get a hold of him: all worth it in the end! Unfortunately we had to call it quits before either flag had been captured but I reckon the other team could be called the winners as they got a lot closer than us.

It was a lot of fun and something I’m unlikely to ever do again so, despite the pain today, I had a great time and won’t forget it in a hurry!

Photo HT: Schill



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