9pm Cravings

About 9pm last night I got this hankering for a cinnamon roll. The Americans infected me with the cinnamon bug and last night I really wanted one of these pastry-cinnamon-swirls of goodness.

So I tuned in to Radio nan Gaidheal (Gaelic radio is what we do in my kitchen) and I baked me some. And I took pictures. This is what happens when I don’t have adult/flatmate supervision.

I used this recipe: 90 Minute Cinnamon Rolls, and this one: Perfect Cinnamon Roll Icing.

So here’s the dough, all kneaded and ready to be rolled.

After I rolled it out I spread the brown sugar, margarine and cinnamon filling over it. Rolling it out was a little tricky because, even though I had let it rest for the prescribed 10 minutes, the yeast made it super springy.

Then I rolled it up and sliced it into pretty little cog-wheel type things.

The recipe then said to leave them to rise for 30 minutes. I was quite sceptical about whether or not anything would actually happen but they really did rise (as much as they could in the dish I had squished them into).

So then it was 11:20pm and time to put them in the oven. And twenty minutes later all my dreams had come true!

Slice them up, add the icing and you have the best (though most sugar filled and least sleep appropriate) midnight snack ever!

They’re not as good as the ones I had in SF but they’re not bad for a first attempt!

Oh, and a little advice: get that dish in the sink quick! I had only left mine for five minutes but the sugar had already gone all crusty and boy was it fun to scrape off!



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