So maybe you thought I was done with California and San Francisco. 

You know, it’s been seven months, I should be over it by now.

Well, I’m not I’m afraid.

Hence: California2012.

That’s right people, not just a city this time but a state (or a good part of it at least).


The first two weeks it’ll just be me visiting friends, riding the greyhound and loving life:

San Francisco – 6 nights
Santa Clara – 2 nights
Springville – 2 nights
Santa Barbara – 6 nights

Then the family are flying out and it’s two weeks of road trip excellence:

Los Angeles – 3 nights
Cambria – 1 night
Monterey – 2 nights
Yosemite – 3 nights
San Francisco – 5 nights 

There are not words for my excitement.


3 thoughts on “California2012

    • Was going to message you once I got the dates finalised but it’s looking like June 12th to 18th. Hope you guys will be around!

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