I’ve gotten very into my knitting again since returning home at Christmas. My mum had knit me the most beautiful pair of socks for my Christmas and they inspired me! I managed to knit a scarf in a week and then started to learn how to do socks.

I managed to knit two pairs of little baby booties but forgot to take a picture before sending them off to their new homes. With the wool that was left, however, I knit a wee hat, pompom and all!

It was really super simple (you can find the pattern @ Head Huggers) and worked really well.

I fear I might be getting a little ahead of myself now but I’m determined to knit a jumper next so am on the hunt for a suitable pattern.

What I know I won’t be doing, however, is knitting in miniature:



I’ve been re-reading Jesus for President, by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw, (post on it coming eventually) and was challenged once again by what they say about sweatshops and the materialistic global economy we keep buying into. One of thier solutions is making your own clothes. I’d love to do this properly, sooner rather than later, but for now knitting will suffice.

You may also have noticed a twitter update ( >>) that simply said “cold and bored” – this solves both problems! (or will eventually!)

Here’s what I’ve got after 2 days, not much I know and I haven’t a clue what, if anything, it’ll turn into but I’m proud all the same.


Everyone should expect knitted items for Christmas.