Who are you?

How do we ever know who a person truly is? Can we?

Everyone acts differently in different situation with different people present. We react differently in certain situation, are more comfortable in some than in others. 

But how do we know if the person that we see is the genuine article?

It’s trust really, isn’t it? We trust that the person we see is the real deal, and usually we accept it without question, especially when we only ever see them in one kind of situation. But what about when we get a glimpse into their lives at another time, in another place, with another group of people, and the person that we see there isn’t who we expected to? Do we simply accept that to be a part of their character? Do we question it and doubt that we ever really knew them at all? Do we ignore it and hope life continues as before?

I’ll admit to having multiple lives. They’re not massively different but some would probably be shocked to hear the cheek I give my parents; my family probably find most of the stuff I write here completely alien andwonder where it comes from; my church friends would probably be apalled at the gossiping I get caught up in at school; my friends would probably find the rachael who mucks about with 7 year olds as though one of them really wierd. I’m a different person at home, in school and at church. But which one’s the real me? Are each of these “personalities” what I think the people around me want to see? Probably. I’d like to think I’m a genuine and honest person but I know there are parts of my personality which I hide from parts of my life. I want to be the same everywhere for everyone, I want to be who I am all the time but life’s just not that simple. More than anything I want to be who God wants me to be, created me to be, every second of every hour of everyday.

I love my friends. Sometimes the glimpses into the parts of their lives I’m not a part of shock me. I still love them. It’s not always easy but I remember that God loves them at all times, whoever they choose to be that day. 

My prayer is that whichever personality prevails, God shines through above all else. That I remain faithful to Him and put Him before the opinion of any human being. And that I will grow to be who He created me to be.

Who do you choose to be today?